About Us


Company Profile

HOGUO is a brand of Shenzhen Velixon Electronics Co., Ltd, a comprehensive group of companies integrating R&D, production and sales, with a history of more than ten years. HOGUO is committed to providing the world with products that perfectly integrate technology and aesthetics, mainly in the fields of new energy application solutions, mobile terminal equipment, IT system integration, and has established long-term partnerships with famous technology companies and operators in the global industry.


Insist on quality first, focus on the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of mobile device accessories, create practical and safe products, add a beautiful experience to people's life.

Core Values

Building long-term, win-win partnerships is one of HOGUO's core values, and we always keep in mind responsibility, trust and mutual growth in the process of cooperation.


The brand will adhere to the principle of quality first and continue to be a loyal brand for people's new lifestyles. HOGUO will bloom everywhere and spread the beauty around.

Corporate Cooperation

Corporate cooperation: HOGUO a collection of research and development, design, production, sales as one of the best-selling consumer electronics brands. We are committed to providing users with both practicality and safety products, so that every mobile terminal product has a HOGUO, a vision we hope to accomplish together with you.


HOGUO brand relies on novel and innovative products and unique brand thinking consciousness. Safety and practical for the purpose of the brand, committed to create a safer, more practical new life experience. We are adhering to the "quality for peace of mind, technology as the center" of the original mind. Continue to create practical and safe products, for people's life to add a better experience.


Our Brand

Brand strength: HOGUO factory production workshop has more than 6000 square meters, more than ten years continue to invest a lot of resources for technology research and development upgrade and production management optimization, has passed the international ISO9001 quality management system certification, IAF international accreditation and CNAS national conformity assessment accreditation and other honors. Thanks to the excellent production and quality control system, HOGUO's products can pass 3C, CB, CE, UL, FCC, KC, PSE, BIS and other professional safety certification.
Meanwhile, HOGUO has a strong offline sales network center in 60+ countries and regions around the world. With 6 manual flow lines, 4 automated flow lines, and 6 automated packaging flow lines, we can put out 1 million+PCS of products a month.


HOGUO's founder Mr He's hometown is in a small village in Fujian, China. It is the place where Mr He grew up, with white walls and black tiles, deep alleys, a strong and simple fishing village style, and the smell of sea water. The scenery of the village at all times is a picture of changes and changes, which is wonderful. At the end of the long stone road at the entrance of the village, there is a small world with heritage significance, where there is a red fruit tree with luxuriant branches. According to the village elders, this tree is more than 100 years old, and it has witnessed the happy childhood of the village children and the simple labor of the villagers to become rich. This red fruit tree has experienced the vicissitudes of the changing times, and carries the inheritance of the simple folkways of the whole village. Despite the typhoons and storms it experiences every year, it still persists in bearing fruit and spirit. Year after year, every villager who tasted its fruit was infected by its spirit, which was passed on from generation to generation.

Every spring, the red fruit tree that two adults can hold, full of small white flowers. Smaller than pears, more delicate than orange blossoms, a cluster, closely arranged together, full of branches. Always with the spring breeze wilfully swaying, a small flower, scattered floating down. If the eye is the lens, then this red fruit tree is bound to become the most beautiful photo in the hearts of the villagers.


In mid-summer, it is the happiest time for the children in the village. This time the red fruit tree branches are hung with small, red red fruit, such as rouge red fruit, so bright red, red so lovely, like a small lantern hanging on the branch, heavy, so cute. Although the head is not large, but the fruit is dense, hard to the tree branches slightly bent. This time is the most can show the children's various wisdom, smell the attractive red fruit fragrance, can jump as high as possible to jump as high as possible, dragging down a branch to try to pick the fruit. The sweet and sour red fruit, fresh and juicy, is most comforting to the children who are panting and in a terrible state in order to pick it. When the villagers returned from a day of work passing the red fruit tree, will also join the children picking fruit team, watching the children's happy appearance, eating this most simple is also the most real delicious, but also to dissipate all the fatigue.

The red fruit tree carries the joy and memories of several generations of children in the village. Time flies, the years go by, but the fruit tree still insists on bearing fruits, but in the rural urbanization reform, only the old people who stay in the countryside are trembling, and the red fruits are borne year after year, and fall in the soil year after year as nourishment for the next year. After Mr He grew up, he left his hometown and started his own business outside. Mr He decided to take HOGUO as the name of the brand and insisted on producing products with the spirit of red fruit tree that defies wind and rain, sticks to quality and selfless dedication. Adhere to the basic principles of safe, reliable, durable, fireproof production, continuous innovation, carry forward the spirit of the fruit tree, adhere to the first-class quality, to become the escort of each user peace of mind.