How to fireproof the charger?

People use cell phones frequently, charge more often, and do not unplug the charger for convenience when they are often not charging. The charger will continue to heat up on the plugboard, accelerating the aging of the material and finally spontaneous combustion leading to fire. Most users are used to charging by the bed, sofa, so that there will be a variety of flammable items around, bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, etc. to accelerate the spread of fire.

Involved in the plastic part, for safety reasons, is certainly to add flame retardant materials. Because the failure of electronic components inside the electrical appliances burned is a relatively common thing, once the fire, endangering the safety of personal property. So I recommend that you, the charger must be purchased from regular manufacturers, with quality assurance products. The charger material, must be flame retardant PC material, because it has excellent electrical characteristics, good temperature resistance and flame retardant properties, automatic extinguishing from the fire, flame retardant process will not release toxic gases and soot. Insulation is good, to protect the safety of electricity.
There are many components on the internal circuit board of the charger, in the process of using the charger, the temperature will increase. If the use of bad components, and circuit board safety spacing is not achieved, there will be a short circuit situation, short circuit situation will instantly generate high temperature, if the use of the shell is not fire-resistant materials, it will cause a fire.

Now do the charger industry is too chaotic, some brands in order to save costs, the shell material is not fire-resistant, no bottom line at all. So how to identify the charger material is not flame retardant PC material? We pay attention to the editor , I will come out in the future to everyone more out of some practical articles !

Post time: Dec-28-2022