The same charging power, why is the price difference so big?

"Why is the same 2.4A charger, the market will have a variety of prices appear?"
I believe that many friends who have bought cell phones and computer chargers have had such doubts. Seemingly the same function of the charger, the price is often a world of difference. So why is this the case? Where is the difference in price? What should I pay attention to when choosing a charger? Today I will solve this mystery for you.

1 Brand premium
The chargers on the market can be classified into three categories: original, third-party brands, miscellaneous brands. Generally speaking, according to the price to rank, original > third-party brands > miscellaneous brands.
The original charger in the purchase of the main parts will generally come with, but there are some brands do not send, such as Apple, and because of the brand premium factor, the price is usually higher if you buy.
Third-party brands are products produced by professional digital brands, the style is more diverse than the original, the price is also more affordable, becoming the choice of many consumers. However, the quality of third-party brands are also high and low, the big manufacturers, through the authoritative certification of products in the safety of the more secure.
Charger is a roadside stalls everywhere charger, you basically do not know which it is produced, these products are often due to the material crotch or rough workmanship and safety hazards, it is not recommended to choose.

2. Different materials and workmanship
Don't look at the charger a small, its internal circuit design, materials and workmanship design, are a great deal of care. High-quality chargers, the internal structure of the complete, well-made materials, the higher the cost naturally. And poor quality chargers in order to reduce costs often shrink in transformers, wires, capacitors and inductors.
For example, the internal transformer, good quality chargers will basically use good conductivity, high current carrying capacity, thermal stability of pure copper material, and miscellaneous chargers are often copper-clad aluminum material, low conductivity, thermal stability is weak.

Another example is the printing board, good quality chargers will use high temperature, flame retardant, shock-resistant PCB printed circuit boards, while miscellaneous chargers are often substandard thickness, flammable and easy to break, the circuit loss rate is high glass fiber PCB board. Long-term use is likely to damage the phone battery, and even lead to spontaneous combustion, leakage and other safety accidents.

3. The number of interfaces is different
In addition to our commonly used single-port chargers, many users now also use multi-port chargers.
The advantage of multi-port chargers is that when you need to charge multiple devices at the same time, but only one charger or plug can not accommodate multiple chargers, use it a done deal.

Post time: Dec-28-2022